Placebo - Happy You’re Gone [Cirque Royal 2009] HD

DIE BESCHRÄNKUNG (Kurzfilm, 1995)
Wie schön, diesen Kurzfilm von Denijen Pauljevic online zu sehen!
(Ok - wenn ich ihn gegooglet hätte, hätte ich das Video schon früher finden können ;-))
Denijen hat den Film 1995 als junger Kriegsflüchtling in München gedreht. Er erzählt von seinen Erfahrungen mit dieser Situation im Asylbewerber Wohncontainer: mit dem Warten, dem Ekel, der zukunftslosen Zeit…

via startnext - CAMEO MAGAZIN -Gedanken über Gastfreundschaft

Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time

Getting a feel for it…
Paul and Kyle make a pleasant discovery together in the men’s restroom.

Was man nicht alles rauskriegen kann, wenn man ein paar garnicht so geheime Geheimtips bei der Internet-Recherche anwendet…


Sabelo Mlangeni

Black Men in Dress

Black Men in Dress comprises a series of portraits photographed at the Johannesburg and Soweto Pride, a yearly event for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community. These portraits remind Mlangeni of a childhood where, as he describes:

[M]ost communities had what we call ‘uSis’bhuti’. This is a term used to describe a boy who behaves like a girl. Why then do we hate these boys when they have grown up to be men who dress as women? Why do we turn and call them names, pretending that we’ve never seen it? These are some of the issues I try to bring to the fore in this series. (artist statement)

Zhao Shao’ang(赵少昂 Chinese, 1905-1998)



Zhao Shao’ang(赵少昂 Chinese, 1905-1998)



An amazing colaborative indie film project from Bogotá, Colombia - and the globe!

“Live Life Dearest is a film co-produced by over 1,000 people from around the world, that tells the story of several people who realize that they only exist and live through someone else’s dreams.

There is only one nationality in which we believe, a land called COOPERATION. “



Dear Students,

Here is one way to do your final project.


Professor Chewbacca


Adolf Wölfli. From the Cradle to the Grave. Bedlam=Walking Wheel, Provisional Map of Both the Kingdom of Spain and Portugal, Dromedary Indian and Vosel Stubborn Donkey Mask, Lea Tantaria, Condor Eggs, Hall of Blacks, London South, Map of the Two Principalities Sonoricije and the West Bzimbzabazaru, Helvetic Cathedral in Northern Amazonian Hall, Atlantic Ocean Waves and Přístaf Cradle Lisbon (top to bottom). 1912.

Adolf Wölfli’s first epic From the Cradle to the Grave contains over 2,970 pages of text and 752 illustrations that he tied into nine books. It’s written in the form of a travelogue, the main character a boy named Ada (a domesticated form of the name Adolf) who travels the world with his family in the name of progress and exploration. The work transforms Wölfli’s unhappy childhood into an amazing story full of great adventure, discovery and incredible adversity—always gloriously overcome. The text mixes poetry with prose and extensive enumerations, and is accompanied by color maps, portraits and illustrations depicting battles, crashes and other disasters. In these drawings we first encounter a motif in Wölfli’s work called the “Vögeli”, a bird character that can be seen as the protector of the ubiquitous Wölfli alter ego.